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Flash Fiction - Stella Williams '24

The cat knocked over the inkpot. Slowly the ink dripped off the desk and onto the floor. It dripped faster and faster creating a larger and larger puddle. The inkpot seemed never ending, the stream of ink never slowing down. Rushing, gliding, spilling out creating a dense back lagoon on the ground. Soon the ink filled the entire base of the room and began to rise, rise up over the stools then over the counter. Soon the study became a large ocean of dark black ink. Waves of ink began crashing at the door begging to be let out, into the rest of the house. 

The cat perched high on the cabinet admiring the work that it had done. The windows began to shutter as they struggled to keep the ocean of blackness contained. Finally the door gave in and allowed the ever growing ink flow to fly down the hallway. A new river of darkness rushed through the house swallowing and covering everything it touched. Almost all the house was covered in darkness, blending in with the night sky outside. 

As the ink river soon turned into an ink tsunami, the cat was left with no choice but to escape, and run away from the trouble he had caused. Quickly the cat sprung into action by leaping onto a painting that was floating by on the river. He rode the painting down a series of channels trying to find a way to flee the home that was being overtaken by the ink disaster. Then in the corner of his eye the cat spied the only bit of color left in the house, the attic. The ink has not focused the energy of climbing up the steps to reach the small space filled with clutter. 

The cat took a leap of courage and landed on the steps. He had to act fast, the ink began to follow the cat up the stairs, chasing it. Rapidly the cat began scrambling up the step, trying to reach the top before it could be ripped down by the strong current of the ink behind. Once the cat reached the top he began frantically trying to squeeze through the opening at the bottom of the door. Forcing his large body under the door, the cat was finally able to make it under the door, but the ink followed right behind. The cat made his run for the window that was at the other end of the spacious room. A race began between the cat and the rush of ink. Trying to avoid the rabid ink and attic clutter, the cat leaped and dodged, attempting to reach the window. The cat arrived at the glass pane and began trying to open it. He thrusted his body up against the window trying to force it free, but he was too late. His actions had overtaken him, and the cat was swept up into the dark, dense ink.

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