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About Us

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Our Story

The Flame. What's that? It's another fire word. It's probably one of our publications. But which one? There's so many, it's hard to keep track of all of them. So let me give you a refresher. Torch is the yearbook. Match is our newspaper. Spark is a magazine for alumni and parents, all about school news. Then there's Ember. Do you remember that one? It's our Middle School counterpart. And then there's Flame, the Upper School Art and Literary Magazine, made for students and faculty to view students' creative work.

Unlike Collegiate's other publications, Flame isn't made during class time. Students don't sign up to write The Flame during their school day, for credit. No, The Flame is made on students' own time. Our staff came in early to school to attend our meetings. It takes dedication and lots of time to make any publication, it's a great feat. Let's give a round of applause for our staff, editors, sponsors, and all the creative students featured in this issue. Enjoy The Flame 2022.

Let’s Work Together

Image Credits:

left: Emily Deskevich '22

right: India Mansfield '23

2021-2022 Editors

Katherine Becker '22

Lili Zeballos '23

Nina Zeballos '23

Collegiate School

103 N. Mooreland Rd

Richmond, VA 23229

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