Instaflame 2017

The Instaflame Contest is a favorite of ours. We love to see what others love–Paris, the beach, and music. Congratulations to Lila Donahue, Eliza Howard, and Johnny White, winners of Instaflame 2017.

Flash Fiction 2017 | Winner and Finalists

The Flame editors and staff congratulate the Flash Fiction Contest winner, Nate Holdych.

The Bicycle Had Been His Sister’s by Nate Holdych

The bicycle had been his sister’s. There is a bit of rust around the pedals from when it had been left in the mud for a few days on end, then insufficiently cleaned off afterwards with perhaps indifference or distraction. When he puts his weight on the bike it groans, like a pair of lungs that have had all the air knocked out of them. Continue reading “Flash Fiction 2017 | Winner and Finalists”