Instaflame 2017

The Instaflame Contest is a favorite of ours. We love to see what others love–Paris, the beach, and music. Congratulations to Lila Donahue, Eliza Howard, and Johnny White, winners of Instaflame 2017.

Frame: Featured Artist: Lila Donahue

Frame: a beautifully flexible word; it can be noun, adjective, or verb. It means the area visible in an image or a structure composed of parts fitted together, something that gives shape. This feature is interested in the choices that an artist makes about what’s inside the frame and what’s left outside. And isn’t it amazing that frame can refer to a bicycle or a human body or a beehive?

Lila Donahue

In this series of photographs, Lila gives us a new way to see RVA. She used a drone, flying above Monument Avenue and from Church Hill, to create a portrait of city blocks, green spaces, industrial zones, highways and train station, skyscrapers, and parking lots. The images are a stunning collage of geometry (line, square, triangle, and circle) and aerial typography.