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2017 Flash Fiction Contest
Congratulations to Nate Holdych, winner, and our finalists, Quentin Calhoun, Caroline Campos, Olivia Dimond, Amy Kaplan, Leah Kaplan, Emily Smith, and Anna Wu.

This year’s contest had over 200 submissions. Each writer had only 45 minutes to write a story of no more than 500 words, and the story had to begin with one of the sentences provided by the Flame staff.

We read supernatural and post-apocalyptic stories and historical war stories. We read funny stories and ones of heartbreak. From all of the entries, we selected eight that moved us. There’s an intensity about flash fiction that we love and hope you will, too.

Flash fiction sounds simple: just write something short, but it’s deceptively complex. There’s an art to crafting character and plot in such a small space; most flash fiction is shorter than 1000 words. It’s also an adaptable form, one that welcomes experimentation. You’ll see what we mean as you read the winners in our latest post.

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Instaflame 2017

The Instaflame Contest is a favorite of ours. We love to see what others love–Paris, the beach, and music. Congratulations to Lila Donahue, Eliza Howard, and Johnny White, winners of Instaflame 2017.